The name given by the ancient Elven civilization of Gabas Daji to the world which they inhabit alongside the myriad other races and creatures. 

The world is a flat, slightly convex disc that has four known continents (as far as the inhabitants of Maanava are concerned) and three others whose existence is disputed.


  • Maanava — Most of the "known" world. Rich in history, it is considerably lower in magic than the other continents which academics believe to be the reason that the humanoid races thrive there and have been able to build civilizations. At it's center is the mighty Makhalu, a huge volcano with a mouth so wide it is only possible to see the opposite side on the clearest of days. It is also the source of all the clouds in Ivili, which slowly rise out of it and spread around the sky.
  • Avwetin — The most well explored continent after Maanava, due to it being much closer than any of the others. It is mainly barren, covered in a desert to the south and tundra in the north.
  • Laidus — Frozen in a permanent winter, Laidus is too unforgiving to have any humans that call it home. The most recent expeditions to the continent mention a city built by frost giants and a perpetual war between goblinoid armies that seem to fight for nothing but to satiate their battle lust.
  • Vao — Hot and humid, nearly half of Vao is covered in a thick jungle teeming with vicious and terrifying wildlife that few have returned to speak of.


  • Hutan — The most likely to exist, though some believe it counts as part of Vao due to the similarity in climate and reported wildlife. Supposedly home to an Orc "civilization" run by a council of War Cheifs, though the leading professor of Orcology at the Imperial University argues that even if such a thing were to exist, the structure of their society is so different from the Orc hoardes of Maanava that they would technically be a different race altogether.
  • Xwyn — Covered entirely in a thick forest, most Cryptogeographers think those who claim to have visited it crossed over the Fey plane, though scholars in fields outside of Cryptogeography and Inter-Planar Metaphysics deny the existence of planes other than the mortal realm and that of the gods.
  • Esephilo — The most controversial of the unknown continents. It was considered a fairytale till two adventurers claimed to have returned from it around 120 years ago. Inconsistencies in their stories are the main reason for dismissal but some take umbrage at claims that the explorers saw the "edge of the world" and walked over it to see the underside. 


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